Sales Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to what a dealer can charge as a “documentation fee”?

No. However, if a dealer has been granted the privilege of issuing temporary permits under Sections 41-3-301 or 41-3-302 UCA, he must segregate and separately identify the fees required by the State as state-mandated fees. Documentation fees must be listed separately and not identified as state-mandated fees. The dealer must prominently display a sign in the room where purchasers, consumers or lessees can easily see and read it. The sign must read as follows:

The (dealer documentation fee) (   ) as set forth in your contract represents costs and profit to the dealer for preparing and processing documents and other services related to the sale or lease of your vehicle. These fees are not set or state mandated by state statute or rule. (R877-23V-14)

Can I include the temporary permit fee in the state-mandated fees?

No. There is no state requirement that a temporary permit be issued to a customer. The temporary permit fee should be entered on line 28 of the motor vehicle contract of sale. If a permit is issued, the dealership must obtain the title and registration for the customer.

When purchasing a vehicle from a motor vehicle auction, who signs the title?

Only the consignor and the purchaser. The motor vehicle auction does not sign the title, unless acting as consignor’s agent, or purchasing or selling the vehicle in its own name.

Can a dealer obtain his customer’s license plates and refuse to give them to the customer if the customer still owes the dealer part of the down payment?

No. Plates cannot be held for any reason (41-3-210-1-(P)).