Salesperson License


Application Form TC-303 must be filled out completely, signed by the dealer and salesperson. Applicants must also submit a personal passport quality photograph no smaller than passport size. Only color photographs are acceptable. All photographs must be of good quality.

Fingerprint Card

All applicants must submit a completed fingerprint card. Blank fingerprint cards can be obtained at MVED or you may check with your local police departments for availability. Fingerprints should be taken at a local police department or the Bureau of Criminal Identification. See for more information. A nominal fee may be required.


Salesperson licenses are renewed annually at the conclusion of the Tax Commission fiscal year, June 30. License fees are not pro-rated and all licenses will expire on that date if not renewed prior.

License fees are as follows:

  • Salesperson License: $31 plus $20 for background check
  • Salesperson Transfer: $31
  • Renewal $31

Make all checks payable to the Utah State Tax Commission


Applicants are required to complete a waiver (Form TC-465) allowing BCI to share fingerprint information with MVED. A waiver form can be obtained at the Tax Commission office, 210 North 1950 West, Salt Lake City, or here: TC-465

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