Motor Vehicle Manufacturer

Principal Place of Business

You must have a site or location in Utah that complies with all local ordinances, including zoning for manufacturing and is devoted exclusively to the manufacturing of motor vehicles. There must be a permanent, enclosed building or structure large enough to accommodate the office and contain a safe place to keep the books and other records of the business. You must conduct the principal portion of your business from this location and you must also keep your books and records there. The Principal Place of Business must not share any common area with another dealer, auction, dismantler, crusher or manufacturer or any business or activity not related to motor vehicle commerce.


A permanent sign, not less than 24 square feet in size must be either painted on the office, attached to the office with nails or bolts, or placed on posts in the display yard that have been securely anchored in the ground. The sign must fully identify the manufacturer and show the full name of the manufacturer as it is licensed.


Include passport quality photographs of owners, partners, or corporate officers.

A picture of the Principal Place of Business and sign should be submitted to MVED along with the application forms and fees.


License fees are as follows:

  • Manufacturer License $102.00
  • Manufacturer Plates $10.00 (plus handling fee)

Application Form

See Form TC-301, Bonded Motor Vehicle Business Application.

The application for Manufacturer License must be properly completed and signed. Applications, picture of sign, principal place of business and owners, and fees must be submitted for approval to the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division, 210 North 1950 West, Salt Lake City Utah, 84134. Please allow five to ten working days after the application is received by MVED for on-site inspection of the place of business. The license will not issued until after the inspection is completed.


To obtain a manufacturing license, all applicants will need to call or write to the address below for their manufacturers identification number.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
World Manufacturer Identification Repository (WMI)
400 Commonwealth Drive
Warrendale, PA 15086 724-772-8511

Manufacturer Plates

These plates may be used to transport or demonstrate manufactured or remanufactured vehicles to a dealer or prospective dealer.

Lost or stolen plates should be reported immediately with a written notice that must be mailed or faxed to MVED. The dealership’s local police department or sheriff’s office should also be notified. If the plate was stolen, please also list your local police agency’s case number in your written notification (41-3-507 UCA).