Business License FAQ

What should I do with the license certificate and pocket card I receive from MVED?

Display the license conspicuously in the place of business. Carry the pocket card with you when working for the business or driving one of its vehicles (41-3-203 UCA).

How do I obtain a motor vehicle business license?

Contact the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division, 210 North 1950 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84134, (801) 297-2600. You can also obtain form TC-300 here.

How long does it take to get the license after I apply?

After the department receives the application forms, bond, etc., allow five to ten working days for inspection of the place of business and license approval. If there is a problem with the application or the place of business, it will have to be resolved before a license is issued. The license cannot be issued until after this inspection.

How long is the license good for once it is issued?

All MVED licenses expire June 30th of each year. No matter when you obtain the license, it will expire at midnight, on June 30th. The license fee is not pro-rated. (41-3-206 UCA)

Once I have a license, will it be automatically renewed if I submit a renewal application and fee?

Yes, unless the license has been revoked or suspended (41-3-206 UCA).

Is my salesperson’s license good for any dealer for whom I happen to be working?

No. A salespersons license is only good for the dealer for whom it was originally issued and unless transferred, expires when the salesperson is terminated or quits the original dealer.

What is a motor vehicle?

A motor vehicle is a vehicle intended primarily for use on the public highways which is self-propelled, or a vehicle which is not self-propelled but is intended for use on the public highways and is designed to be attached to or drawn by a self-propelled vehicle. This includes motor homes but not farm machinery, construction machinery or manufactured housing (mobile homes). (41-3-102 UCA)

What is a new motor vehicle?

A new motor vehicle is one that has never been registered or titled and that has been driven less than 7,500 miles. The mileage limit does not apply to trailers or mobile homes (41-3-102 UCA).

What is a used motor vehicle?

Any motor vehicle other than a new one (41-3-102 UCA.).

What is a small trailer?

A small trailer is a vehicle intended for use on the public highways which is not self-propelled, but which is designed to be attached to or drawn by a motor vehicle, and which has an unladen weight of less than 2,000 pounds (41-3-102 UCA).

Does everyone who sells, displays for sale, offers for sale or exchanges more than two motor vehicles a year have to be licensed as a dealer?

No. An insurance company, bank, finance company, public utility company, State Tax Commission impound yard, federal or state governmental agency, or any other person coming into possession of motor vehicles as a part of his/her regular business, who sells the vehicles under contractual rights he/she may have regarding them, is not considered a motor vehicle dealer. Leasing companies and pawn shops are specifically not exempted under this provision. Anyone who sells or exchanges only those vehicles he has owned for more than 12 months will not be considered a motor vehicle dealer (41-3-103 UCA).

I am a leasing company and my primary business is not selling vehicles. Do I need a dealer’s license?

Probably. If you sell, display for sale, offer for sale or exchange during any 12 month period three or more vehicles you have owned for less than 12 months, you need to be a licensed dealer (41-3-103 UCA).

Does a manufacturer’s, remanufacturer’s, or distributor’s license permit the licensee to sell motor vehicles at retail?

No. Sales made at retail require a dealer’s license (41-3-302, UCA).

What forms of payment will MVED accept?

Cash, check, money order, or credit card payments

To whom should I make the checks and money orders out?

Utah State Tax Commission

What if a licensee loses or misplaces his license certificate or pocket card?

MVED will provide a duplicate copy, free of charge, as long as the license is still valid.

Does a licensee need to notify MVED if his/her address, ownership, name or anything else that may affect his/her license changes?

Yes (R877-23V-11).

Is the information contained in a license application confidential?

No. With certain restrictions, each license issued by MVED is public information and will be given out upon request. The following information is contained in the file:

  • Business name
  • Address of principal and additional places of business
  • Business phone number
  • License number and type
  • Franchises held
  • Dates license was issued, suspended, revoked, and/or expired
  • Bond company and number
  • Dates bond was issued and/or cancelled
  • Owners’ names, phone numbers and addresses (administrator may restrict)