Dealer License Plates

Dealer plates may be used for transporting unlicensed vehicles on the public highways that are owned by or consigned to a dealer. The following list covers many frequently asked questions regarding dealer plates.

Can a dealership put a dealer plate on a vehicle it has sold?

No (41-3-501 UCA).

Can a dealership put a dealer plate on a vehicle it is leasing?

No (41-3-501 UCA).

Can dealer plates be used on loaded vehicles?

Yes, if the dealer gets a loaded demonstration permit (41-3-501).

What can a dealer plate be used for?

There is no restriction placed on how a dealer can use dealer plates as long as the vehicle is owned by or consigned to the dealership, it is not being leased or rented, and it is not loaded with a gross weight of over 12,000 pounds (41-3-501 UCA).

Can I use a dealer plate to drive a vehicle back to my dealership after purchasing it at an out-of-state auction?

Yes, as long as your dealership owns the vehicle. You are, however, subject to the registration laws of the states you travel through, and some states may not recognize Utah dealer plates.

Can a dealer give a dealer plate to a relative for use on his or her vehicle?

No. Dealer plates can be used only by dealers on vehicles owned by or consigned to the dealership (41-3-501).

How should I display a dealer plate?

All special plates should be securely fastened in a horizontal position to the rear of the vehicle where clearly visible and legible (41-3-504 UCA).

Can I display a dealer plate on the dashboard or in a side window?

No (41-3-504 UCA).

When do dealer plates expire?

Dealer plates, like all other special plates, expire at midnight each June 30 or whenever the dealer’s license is suspended or revoked. They will be renewed when the dealer submits an application and fee (41-3-506 UCA).

Is there a grace period after the expiration of a dealer plate?


How many dealer plates can a dealership have?

As many as state law allows. A dealership can have five dealer plates as long as there have been three vehicles sold in the preceding twelve-month time period. In addition, for every 25 vehicles sold thereafter, the dealership is eligible for one more dealer plate (41-3-503 UCA).

What if a dealer plate is lost or stolen?

Lost or stolen plates should be reported immediately with a written notice that must be mailed or faxed to MVED. The dealership’s local police department or sheriff’s office should also be notified. If the plate was stolen, please also list your local police agency’s case number in your written notification (41-3-507 UCA).

Can a lost or stolen plate be replaced?

No. A lost or stolen plate can only be replaced after it has expired on June 30th (R877-23V-16).