Places of Business

General Information

Every dealer, dismantler, body shop, transporter, crusher, manufacturer and remanufacturer must have a principal place of business in Utah which complies with all local ordinances, including zoning, and which is devoted exclusively to the manufacturing, repair, sale, or dismantling of motor vehicles and business incidental thereto. The licensee must conduct the principal portion of his business from this location and must also keep his business records there. There must be enough display space for at least three vehicles. There must be a permanent, enclosed building large enough to contain the office of the dealership, and this office must include a safe place in which to keep the business records. The entire operation must be surrounded by a fence, chain, or posts, or otherwise marked to definitely indicate its boundaries. The principal place of business must not share any common area with another dealer, auction, dismantler, or manufacturer or any other activity not directly related to motor vehicle commerce. An MVED officer will make an inspection of the principal place of business five to ten working days after the department receives each license application. The license cannot be issued until after this inspection.

The principal places of business by dealers, manufacturers, transporters, body shops, crushers and dismantlers will need to be identified by a permanent sign, at least 24 square feet in size, which must be either painted on the office, attached to the office with nails or bolts, or placed in the display yard on posts which have been securely anchored in the ground. The sign must show the full name of the business as it is licensed with MVED. The dealer, dismantler, body shop, crusher or manufacturer number must also be displayed either on the sign or on the building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a licensee maintain places of business in addition to the principal one?

Yes, if he notifies MVED and submits an application for an additional place of business. All places of business will need to be inspected. Additional places of business must have a sign similar to the one required for a principal place of business. The sign for an additional place of business must also show the address of the principal place of business (R877-23V-8.).

Can a dealer offer motor vehicles for sale at his home or any other place not licensed as a place of business?

NO (41-3-210 UCA).

What if the address of a place of business changes?

The license holder must notify MVED immediately and fill out a change of address application (R873-23V-11)

A local credit union wants my dealership to spend a Saturday afternoon selling vehicles from its parking lot. Is that legal?

Yes, if your dealership obtains a license for an additional place of business as mentioned above. Only licensed salespersons may represent the dealership in the purchase and sale of vehicles. Credit union staff can only assist in the financing. Form TC-758 must be submitted with a picture of the sign to be used at the sale along with a $26.00 fee.

A bunch of dealers in my area want to get together and hold a special sale in the parking lot of the local shopping mall. Is that legal?

Yes, if each dealer obtains an additional place of business license, puts up his own sign, and keeps his display space separate from those of other dealers.

Do dealers’ or dismantlers’ vehicles used to transport salvage or salvage parts need to be identified?

YES. In addition to the requirements of other agencies, the vehicles need to be identified with the business name, address, and license number. Identification information must be displayed on both sides of the vehicle or equipment in characters at least 2 inches high (R877-23V-8).

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