Dismantlers and Crushers

Dismantling Permits

Before dismantling a motor vehicle, all persons must submit to the Division of Motor Vehicles the vehicle’s certificate of title along with an application for a dismantling permit. This includes every vehicle dismantled for parts or for any other reason. This permit entitles the holder to dismantle the vehicle or to transport it to a licensed dismantler, crusher, or salvage dealer (41-1a-1010 UCA and 41-3-201 UCA).

Junk Permits

An affidavit of Abandoned and Inoperable Vehicle or Junk Permit may be issued by a State Tax Commission Employee if the vehicle is inoperable and will not be rebuilt or reconstructed in any manner. This permit allows dismantling and shredding of the vehicle only. Permits are normally only issued to licensed dealers or dismantlers after inspection of the vehicle.

Dismantler Plates

Dismantler plates allow a dismantler to operate any motor vehicle on the highways solely for transporting the vehicle from the place where it is legally acquired to the dismantler’s place of business or to a crusher.

Can I drive a vehicle on a dismantler plate?

Yes, but only while transporting a vehicle from the point of purchase to the dismantling yard or crusher (41-3-501 UCA).

If the registration on a vehicle I am taking to my yard is still good, do I still have to use a dismantler plate?

Yes, once a vehicle is sold, its registration expires.

Can I put the plate on the back of my wrecker instead of the towed vehicle?

No, the plate must be attached to the vehicle (41-3-501 UCA).

How many dismantler plates may I have?

Dismantlers, transporters, and manufacturers may have as many special plates as state law allows, or as many as the MVED determines is required for them to conduct their business.

What if a dismantler plate is lost or stolen?

Lost or stolen plates should be reported immediately with a written notice that must be mailed or faxed to MVED. The dealership’s local police department or sheriff’s office should also be notified. If the plate was stolen, please also list your local police agency’s case number in your written notification (41-3-507 UCA).

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