Safety Inspection and Emission Tests

A licensed dealer may not issue a temporary permit on a sold motor vehicle unless:

  1. the motor vehicle has received and passed the safety inspection required by 19-205 AND 53-8-205 (UCA); and
  2. if the dealer is located in a county that requires an emission inspection the motor vehicle received and passed the emission test required by 41-6-163.6 (UCA) (41-3-303).

Frequently Asked Questions

If a dealer obtains a safety inspection and emission test in his name, how long is it valid?

Eleven months.

If a motor vehicle fails the emission test can a dealer get a waiver and sell the car?

No, if the dealer intends to retail the car and issue a temporary permit he must have the vehicle repaired and the vehicle must pass both the safety inspection and emission tests.

Can a dealer sell a motor vehicle “As-Is” without having it safety inspected and emission tested?

Yes, but the dealer cannot issue a temporary permit.

If a dealer receives a vehicle in trade and the safety inspection and emission tests were just done can the dealer use them to sell the car?

Yes, if the vehicle is sold and retitled to the new customer within eleven months from the dates on the safety and emission inspections.

Can a dealer retail a motor vehicle, not issue a temporary permit, require the customer to obtain the safety and emission tests and then issue a temporary permit?

No, if he retails the vehicle and issues a temporary permit, he is responsible for the safety and emission tests.

Does a dealer have to give the customer a copy of the inspection certificate?

Yes (41-3-303 UCA).